Transfer historical record

Transfer historical record

Football clubs in the world, broke a record by spending the transfer 5,44 billion dollars in 2018 during the summer period.
FIFA’s International Transfer Matching System (ITMS) utilizing “prepared by the transfer of greater than 5 in the analysis of the market, 1 June-1 September 2018 in relation to transfers that occur during the period informed.

The European market

of the most important leagues, England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France across the globe with statistics according to the analysis, a total of 8 thousand were transferred to the 401 in the summer transfer period. The contract ends with the players that 59.1 percent of them, 15.7% is a testimonial for at a cost per cent, 13.8% and a minimum of 11,4% with the players returning to clubs then lease took place.
By spending clubs of the summer transfer period 5,44 billion dollars for this transfer broke the record. By spending a billion dollars to the countries 4.21 5 great in the transfer market, which is the percent of total volume of 77.5% they accounted for.
Transfer a maximum of to spend 1.44 billion in the previous season as the British team made. Among the countries that spends more money than in the last summer transfer season, Italy (74.7 per cent) and Spain (42.2%) was the featured country.

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