How to Rent a Car in Spain?

How to Rent a Car in Spain?

If you have planned a holiday in Spain, you are probably wondering how much it is necessary to rent a car there. Should i rent a car in spain ? How to rent a car in Spain ? Renting a car in spain requirements ? and more so let’s start.


Car rental experience in Spain

The hot country of southwestern Europe is Spain. It is a country that must be visited with music, dinner, history. But if you say “How can I travel the most comfortable of Spain?”, The answer is definitely car hire. I am now going through my car rental business in Spain. You can post your questions in the comments.

This may be a little frightening if you are renting a car for the first time abroad. What is the water for renting a car in Spain? What is required? What is the cost? … I hope this article will be an answer to all the curious questions.

Is it necessary to rent a car in Spain? Definitely yes. It is unnecessary or very risky to rent a car in very few countries if it is pleasant to me, and I prefer to rent out each and every one of those places. But I would strongly recommend if Spain will return to private. In general, this warm country will also help prevent your car’s air conditioner travel from turning into torture.

Traveling in Spain, a large country, will save you a great deal of time. We bought a round-trip Madrid ticket on our own. We have traveled almost all the country with our vehicle from the airport and returned to Madrid again. But without a car, we could not even go to the half of the places we went.

How are the roads in Spain?

The roads in Spain are also good. There are two types of roads, one is paid and the other is absolutely free. Almost all of the free roads can be easily reached with the divided road and 120km / h. No, I want to go to the highway, really ready for the higher fees. I accidentally paid for 40 euros on the freeway I used for a short distance (Barcelona – Valencia). Like I said, the free roads are just enough and fast, the highway unnecessary?

Charges for car hire in Spain?

Let’s talk about car rental fees in Spain. If you have not done a price search before, hear from me first. Car hire in Spain is really cheap. He even goes for a car ride. I think they are beating who dont rent a car:):) . We paid 110 Euros for 1 week rental. However, when I looked at the rental contract on the last day of the trip, I learned that the full gasoline deposit would be delivered to us empty. So 1 tank of gasoline came free.

In the meantime, as soon as the place has arrived, I will immediately give you a look at the documents given to you. If you pay attention to how you should deliver the depot, you will not have any fuel.

If you search well and rent in advance, you can find a car even at 7 euros or even more suitable for your diary. I found my most favorable price on renting the site at EconomyCarrental. If you find more suitable, you can share comments.

What do you need when renting a car in Spain?

We went to our first trips by taking an international driver’s license so that nothing could happen but we went to Spain without obtaining an international driver’s license because we were not asking what was asking. We only checked in at the delivery point within 5 minutes with a credit card with a driver’s license, a reservation issued and a usable limit of at least 1000 Euros, and we were on the roads of Spain about half an hour after our plane landed.

Delivering the vehicle was easier than that. We got a keystroke paper and it’s okay. They did not even bother to look at the car.

Important points!!

Should be on behalf of the person who will use the road vehicle

The credit card to be issued on the behalf of the driver must be on the map, check the roads without having to do it if you can save the map offline. So you can find the routes using the Google map without internet, but I have not saved the Google map of Spain map offline.

Can park in white stripes or without lines. Different colors are available at different times or only local people can park it. Stay away from the yellow line directly. Try not to choose a parking lot. Remember that the parking fee is cheaper than fine.

I reiterate that these important points are for preventative purposes. Do not be afraid of these because your eyes are worth every penny you give comfort. Already pleasant and beautiful looking. You can forward your questions or comments to your comments.

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