“We want him to score more goals than Salah, but …”

“We want him to score more goals than Salah, but …”

Liverpool’s German coach Jürgen Klopp said that Egyptian football player Mohammed Salah, who reached the top scorer in the English Premier League last season, had no expectations of repeating the same performance.

In a statement to the British press, Klopp recalled that Salah started in the same way as last season. “We’re aware that everyone expects the same performance from him. We want Salah to score as many goals as possible, but we do not have the expectation to repeat the performance of last season.”

51-year-old technical man stressed that there is a crisis about the situation of Salah, “It is normal to have certain time that the attackers can not score goals. he’s still a great threat to his rivals.

Salah’s 26-year-old Salah has scored 44 points in all the lanes in the last season. He has scored 2 goals in six appearances this season.

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