Fellah Meatball

Fellah Meatballs

2 cups of coriander bulgur
1.5 cups of water (to soak)
1 cup of corn flour
1 bottle of water (to be used whilst kneading)
1 spoon of salt


Soak bulgur in warm water.
After 1 hour, throw flour and salt and add 1 cup

Take the pieces of the ball size and roll them down and press the middle part of the meat dough lightly.
Pour the salt-water
Boil it within the light air.
Get Ready the Fellah meatballs as i will describe under and boil and sieve.
Lower 2 potatoes, 2 eggplants, 1 zucchini and 4 chili peppers and fry them.
Upload the vegetables you roast to the grill
Transfer your yoghurt and sizzling butter on it.
thanks for caffeination

Fellah Köfte

Fellah Köfte


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